The brand was born in 2019. But it is born now. It is reborn every time. And it is reborn for you.
Our intent is to amaze you, to interpret your dreams and make them come true even before you can imagine them, as if it’s always the first time. Ours is a continuous search for the perfect time and space, these actions are a result of a dynamic and ever-changing design.
Shapes, geometries and lights express the realization that living is not infinite, so it is time to love, to speak those unspoken words in hoping that they will reach their destination.


Each piece of jewelry is pixel-sculpted, CNC-printed and hand-finished by artisans from the centuries-old Borgo degli Orefici school in Naples.
That’s how the Colucci jewel was born. The hand is that of Luca Colucci, designer and seeker of the perfect time.
In 2019 he decided to devote himself to jewelry, founding the colucci brand in the same year.

colucci, the jewel you’ll love